Dynameq 4.1 is now available
Dynameq 4.1 (released July 27, 2018) marks the start of a new product cycle with major innovations at the core of simulation playback, model visualization and performance, and includes significant productivity improvements, performance optimizations, simulation API functionality including support for ramp metering, improved data integration with Emme multimodal transport planning software, import from SATURN and more. Please consult the Release Notes included in the software for a comprehensive list.

Download Dynameq 4.1

Users with software maintenance may log in and download Dynameq 4.1 from their INRO account here.


More detailed visual treatments and higher-performance simulation playback makes it easier to visually examine any aspect of a traffic simulation, from individual vehicles and signal timing to bottlenecks and route diversion on parallel corridors.

Dynameq City-Scale Traffic Simulation Software

New path displays clearly illustrate trajectories through the entire network at the lane-level. See it in action here.

Dynameq Path Selections

Improved vehicle selection modes let you quickly identify groups of vehicles by location and screenline and drill-down to view path choice and vehicle details.

Dynameq 4.1 Release

New GPU settings and optimizations allow high-performance city-wide traffic simulation playback and new windowing tools let you analyze a moment in time or region of the network in seconds.

Dynameq 4.1 - windowing

Storyboard simulation playback to smoothly animate camera position, then share animations with production-quality video recording straight to MP4 or WebM formats.

Dynameq City-Scale Traffic Simulation - Storyboarding
Dynameq 4.1 Release Storyboarding

Import 3D Buildings from OpenStreetMap (OSM) and display them with adjustable height for context that doesn't obscure simulation details. Use new legend overlays, and an entirely new animation window design.

Improved data management tools. Turn alignment editing in the node diagram now allows drag-and-drop for easier editing of lane alignments. New functions in the Network Calculator help compute aggregated values and the Matrix Calculator now lets you define result matrices in-line. Import new scenarios from SATURN.

Dynameq 4.1 - turn editing
Dynameq 4.1 - turn editing

A new control plan type and improvements to the Simulation API provide ability to customize ramp metering and other adaptive signal control applications.

Speed contour plots now have deeper customization options, and time series windows support a second value on the right Y-axis for simultaneous display of multiple values.

Dynameq City-Scale Traffic Simulation - speed contour

Matrix operations are optimized so that loading, saving, validating, importing/exporting are faster, and all matrices now have units for either flow rates, volume, time, distance or user-defined values.

Dynameq 4.1 - time series

Please refer to the software Release Notes for full details. And let us know with feedback on the INRO Community Forums!